• We have undertaken extensive rehabilitation work in several areas. In particular, the old pipework within Kikuyu Township was replaced with bigger diameter pipes, extensions of pipe work to Mai ai Hii, Karai, Thamanda & Muguga has been undertaken. The 10.4 km long pipelines for this work were supplied through the World Bank WASSIP Programme and funds were provided by Athi Water Services Board under the Kazi Kwa Vijana (KKV) Initiative. As a result of this, several youths benefited and reliability of water has been enhanced in some of these areas.


current projects 1


  • Increased coverage as a result of undertaking infrastructure development and rehabilitation of existing pipe work and structures.  This has been done through assistance from Athi Water Services Board and District Water Office-Kikuyu


  • Through our partnership with Kamuita, Ruku, Nyakumu, Gikuni & Thogoto Water Project, the Company has inherited some substantial water facilities and pipe works.
  • As a social corporate responsibility, we constructed a public toilet at Gikambura shopping centre and have planted about 6,000 tree seedlings within our catchment area of Gitwe kia Bagathi, Kikuyu Springs and Ondiri Swamp